Step 1: To install, visit Filemonk and click ‘Add App’.
Step 2: You will be prompted to log into your Shopify store by providing your store URL and then approve the installation.
Step 3: Filemonk is now installed and can be viewed through your admin dashboard. To view, go to Store Admin -> Apps. The app will appear among your list of installed apps.
Step 4: Open the Filemonk App and click on enable Filemonk.

Enable Filemonk for Back in Stock Notifications

Step 5: In the new window that opens up, toggle to enable the App Embed and click Save.

Enable App Embed for Back in Stock Notifications - Filemonk

Step 6: Return to the window that has the browser open and click on Let’s go.

Enable Filemonk

Congratulations, Filemonk is now live and accepting requests on your store. If you face any trouble in installing the app, please reach out to us for support at [email protected].